Sony Xperia Z compared to HTC Butterfly; Two devices are super similar

Sony Xperia Z compared to HTC Butterfly

The forthcoming Sony Xperia Z will launch in Europe and Asia in late February / early March, and folks looking to buy one are already looking at early tests.

The popular website ePrice managed to get a prototype unit and compare it with the HTC Butterfly. Unsurprisingly the two devices are very similar, both sporting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro processors, 2GB of RAM and 5-inch full HD screens. However, ePrice did note few differences, including:

  • The Xperia Z is a thinner smartphone with thickness of just 7.9mm (compared to Butterfly’s 9.1mm).
  • The Xperia Z’s display is said to show a bit oversaturated colors, with photos and videos looking a bit more natural on the Butterfly.
  • The Butterfly also has better speakers.
  • Sony’s baby, on the other hand, excels in low-lighting photography.
  • The Xperia Z also performs slightly better than the Butterfly in most benchmark tests, including Quadrant, NenaMark and Google’s Octane.
  • Finally, Sony’s smartphone is both dust-proof and water-resistant device.

We think the Xperia Z is a batter product but at the same time it’s worth adding that you won’t go wrong even if you pick the Butterfly…

[Via: Unwired View]

  • Michael

    Sony Xperia Z display looks brighter and better to me, the whites on Xperia Z look brighter too me.

  • simon t

    Its funny how they mention the Xperia screen being over saturated but then ignore Samsung with its gastly and vile AMOLED screen which looks like its been infected by radiation

  • c l

    I prefer the Z personally but the author needs to do some fact checking, as the Butterfly is also waterproof.

    • ronzalpha

      they’re both not water”proof” but water “resistant.” Sony was careful not to mislabel that so they don’t get sued for false advertising. The author needs to amend that.

      • andrewi

        Maybe so, but Sony dunked their Xperia in a fishtank while it was still on and took a picture of it, screen still running and everything functional. Until HTC do that, I think I already know who wins the water resistance battle.

        • ronzalpha

          Yup! It’s why I love Sony phones – high quality builds and amazing designs. Sadly, their software development team needs some work, as they’re always behind on patches and OS updates.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I’m all for Xperia Z! 🙂

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