Google and LG moved 1 million Nexus 4 units?

Google and LG moved 1 million Nexus 4 units?

Neither Google nor LG have released the Nexus 4 figures, but that doesn’t mean some people can’t make their own estimates. In fact, an XDA-Developers forum member put some time into this task and concluded that the two companies have thus far moved 1 million Nexus 4 smartphones.

Relying on a crowd-sourced method of finding out how many Nexus 4s have been sold, this guy managed to get to this figure. You see, every Nexus 4 owners can register his/her IMEI at LG’s website to get some information about his particular Nexus 4 unit, like where it was made, the exact date of production and its production number, which is indicative of how many Nexus 4s were made.

And while we can’t claim with certainty this is the right number, we do tend to think there’s some merit to this story. However, it’s worth comparing this figure with the number of Galaxy S III units sold to conclude that LG and Google are far behind the leading Android smartphone maker…

[Via: TechCrunch]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I would think they move some 5 million units…

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