Nexus 4 Qi Wireless Charging Orb Now Available

It might have taken a while, but the Nexus 4 Qi wireless charging orb is now available in the Google Play Store for $60. While the product page doesn’t actually claim that the charging orb is in stock, it does say that it will ship in less than a week, and that should be good enough for most people who have been patiently awaiting its arrival.

There are already quite a few Qi wireless chargers available that work just fine with the Nexus 4, but the charging orb looks downright sexy from a geek’s perspective. The design of the charging orb reminds us of a Nexus Q that’s been sliced at an angle, which allows your Nexus 4 to be propped up at a viewable angle while charging. The face of the charger has rubber grips to ensure that a bumper-less N4 can stay in place. Overall, it’s probably once of the nicest Qi wireless chargers we’ve come across, but we haven’t forgotten about the Tylt.

If you’re looking to make your already handsome-looking Nexus 4 a little more attractive when charging, head over to the Google Play Store to secure your charging orb now!

[Via: The Verge]


  • oz oz

    Warning… I have found only the Nexus Orb is the only charging plate that reliably charges the Nexus 4. Other brands of charging plates don’t seem to reliably work with this phone. I hope, I can save people some money!

    • blakestimac

      I’ve had success with LG’s Qi wireless charging pad as well.

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