Nike isn’t developing FuelBand Android app, says it’s focused on iOS

Nike has officially given Android the cold shoulder when it comes to the development of a FuelBand app. The iconic footwear company’s support team on its Twitter account addressed a frustrated user, telling him that an Android app isn’t in the plans. “Right now, we’re focused on iOS and the web,” says the tweet. “We’re not working on an Android app.” This sucks because it once again shows the bias companies have toward Android.

Droid Life reached out to the Nike PR team, and they left this statement:

To deliver the best experience for all Nike+ FuelBand users, we are focusing on the FuelBand experience across iOS and, where you can sync your activity, set new goals, and connect with friends.  At this time, we are not working on an Android version of the mobile app.

As of right now, Nike FuelBand looks to be out of the question if your phone happens to be an Android device. This is not a good look for Nike, as they’re alienating the most popular mobile operating system in the world. It’s just bizarre. We’re sure if customers show enough discord over the lack of Android support, Nike would likely change its mind.

[via Droid Life]


  • Will Quast

    Android’s fault. Android should support Bluetooth Low Energy if it wants devices like this to be supported.

  • Android1629

    Wrong answer by Nike. If low energy Bluetooth is not supported by Android then Nike should say so. Or boycott Nike

  • Fahim

    Well , I guess I’ll have to buy Adidas. It doesn’t really matter to me as I only have 2 pairs of Nike shoes and 6 pairs of Adidas shoes and 2 pairs if Reeboks shoes. Here in South Africa, Adidas rules !!!!!!

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