Motorola Solutions Releases AME 2000, Secure Android-based Handset

Motorola Solutions has announced the launch of a new Android-based handset for federal agencies and other users for whom security is tantamount. Motorola Solutions, the non Google-owned branch, is releasing the AME 2000, which uses Motorola’s Assured Mobile Environment tech which combines outfits off-the-shelf smartphones with additional hardware and software to provide secure voice and messaging services. It also provides secure VPN connectivity via mobile data and WiFi.

“It’s critical that commercial devices used by the federal government are augmented with solutions to ensure security and confidentiality. The AME 2000 addresses the different vulnerabilities of commercial technology by enabling users to communicate and access sensitive data securely from wherever their duties take them.”

The AME features Motorola’s CRYPTR hardware security module for microSD encryption, and runs Security Enhanced Android, which is a custom version of Android that has been approved by the NSA.

Although Motorola Solutions has yet to release a spec sheet for the AME 2000, it looks as though we will be dealing with a RAZR-class device, probably running Ice Cream Sandwich, and if we’re lucky, Jelly Bean.

There are a slew of security features on the AME 2000, and we’ve included the original the overview below, which also lists the advanced security features of this phone.


Smartphone user experience
Commercial, off-the-shelf devices offer the latest capabilities, form factors and user interface

Mobile secure voice and data
VoIP and Suite B IPSec VPN provide secure voice and data communications to government and enterprise users on the go

Standards-based interoperability
Adheres to standards-based security specifications – including AES256 and Suite B, IPsec VPN, SRTP VoIP and PKCS#11 APIs, for certificate and encryption key management

Global connectivity
Worldwide access to secure voice and data communications via public networks


Tactical applications
Enhance situational awareness with real-time data applications such as GIS mapping, video, and remote medical monitoring

Broadband network access
Secure data access through private or public networks (GSM, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi) provides real-time connectivity in the field

Secure deployable data
Extend the security and functionality of the network to the field via integrated Suite B IPSec VPN and Data at Rest protection


Defense in depth
Integrated security layers provide confidentiality, integrity and availability of VoIP and data communications

Hardware root of trust
Hardware security module provides tamper protection for keys, tokens and certificates as well as Suite B encryption in a micro SD form factor


Manage devices remotely
Integrated mobile device management (MDM) assures remote management of device and security policies

Eliminate manual rekey
Automated and centralized management of encryption keys, with the ability to securely and remotely erase keys on lost or compromised devices

Integrated security solution
Complete end-to-end solution with single-source accountability for complete security of voice, video and applications

[Motorola Solutions via AndroidCentral]




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