Inq Mobile enters the personalized news market with MATERIAL

Inq Mobile enters the personalized news market with MATERIAL

A month ago, we’ve told you that Inq is working on its own personalized news service/app that will be called MATERIAL. It’s now live, at least for Android users, providing them with the news they care about, neatly dressed in a magazine-like format (i.e. like Flipboard). The Inq folks promise an enhanced news algorithm that will present users not only with news they know and want to read about, but also with other articles that could be interesting to them, helping us discover new things around the web.

To get things started, you should input your Twitter and/or Facebook credentials, and let MATERIAL do its magic. The servers will then scatter the Interwebs for the news you want to read, and prepare a magazine you’ll want to check out on a daily basis. And when your interests change, MATERIAL will keep-up, modifying the news stream to suit your new needs. Of course, the sharing capability also comes included, so you can easily tell your friends about some cool article you’ve read (or photo/video).

Sounds pretty cool though I must add we’ve heard similar claims before. We’ll see whether Inq can out-Flipboard the Flipboard… The MATERIAL app is now in beta and you can grab it from the link below.

MATERIAL (FREE) [Google Play link]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Gonna try it out. Flipboard kinda sucks in discovering new content.

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