Apple’s second lawsuit against Samsung might get postponed

Judge Judy Koh, who presided over the first major lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, asked both companies whether Apple’s next lawsuit against Samsung over search technology should be postponed until an appeals court comes to a verdict regarding the first suit.

While Apple won $1.05 billion from Samsung in the first suit, Judge Koh denied Apple’s request for a complete sales ban on a number of Samsung devices. Apple of course appealed and a verdict won’t be reached until at least September, according to the report originally from Reuters.

On one end, we have Apple’s attorney William Lee who said the two cases should be able to take place side by side, since after all they are separate. On the other end, Samsung attorney¬†Victoria Maroulis seemed to suggest an opposing view by pointing out that there is significant “overlap.” These two just can’t agree on a damn thing.

“I just don’t know if we really need two cases on this,” Judge Koh said. She had both sides discuss the possibility and come to her with an answer by March 7th.

Judge Koh is infamous for having a bit of a harsh attitude toward the two companies for their pettiness. For the last case, which ended in a victory for Apple, she had no problem with publicizing her intentions to move along as quickly as possible and get the two sides to just make peace already. The latter has yet to happen however.

[via AppleInsider]

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