Google launches online store finder to help you locate a Nexus 4

Still looking for a Nexus 4? If you are, then you should point your browser to Google’s new Nexus 4 store finder. The online website lets you enter your address and it will pull down nearby retail locations that carry the Nexus 4. You then have to use the list to call the retailers to see if they have the handset in stock.

The store locator is convenient if you are looking for a quick way to get a list of your local T-Mobile stores. Too bad it doesn’t have real-time stock, which would make it much more useful for those on the hunt for a Nexus 4.

[Via Google]

  • I don’t want a Nexus 4 (phone still too small), and I don’t want a Nexus 7 (tablet still too large), I want a Nexus 6, a 6″ “phablet” with a 4 year battery life. And don’t give me no Leon model.

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