Jim Balsillie officially exists BlackBerry, sells 5.1 percent stake

The man who help create BlackBerry, Jim Balsillie, has decided to leave the company altogether by selling off his remaining 5.1 percent stake (26.8 million shares in the company). Balsillie’s role shrank over the past year when he stepped down as co-CEO and resigned from the board of directors.

This no doubt opens up a range of speculation to why Balsillie would dump all shares in BlackBerry after the company’s launch of its new flagship Z10 handset. He either has no faith in the future of the company or he just simply wants to move on and be apart of something he’ll have more influence over. Regardless, you can’t hate the man for wanting to cash out while the gettin’ is good.

We last checked BlackBerry stock price at 14.18.

[via engadget]


  • M0

    EXITS !!!

    • BambooJackson

      THEY DO EXIST!!!

  • FATT

    He wants to buy a hockey team!!!!

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