Dead on Arrival 2 demoed on NVIDIA Project Shield

In another addition of Android Thursdays, NVIDIA took some time to demo an upcoming game on the Project Shield, Dead on Arrival 2. It really doesn’t matter if you haven’t played the first iteration of this game, as one rarely needs an excuse to kick zombie ass.

While we’ll likely see the game land on most Android devices at some point, we’re going to bet that you’ll find the best experience on the Tegra 4, thanks to the many optimizations. Tegra 4 specific enhancements for Dead on Arrival 2 include, “dynamic shadows, real-time object and ragdoll physics, realistic blood splatter and incredible lighting and post-processing effects.”

You’ll also find some pretty badass new weapons in Dead on Arrival 2, including ice guns, custom-built blasters, and much more. As you’d expect of any Tegra 4 optimized title, the environments are pretty spectacular as well. The demo shown on the Project Shield was buttery smooth, which is impressive given how dynamic some of the game mechanics are.

Project Shield’s main showcasing feature is it’s ability to play PC gamers when synced to a NVIDIA GTX-powered computer, but it’s obvious that the company is still very focused on bringing immersive Android titles that take full advantage of the Tegra 4, and we certainly can’t complain about that.

Stay tuned for more details about Dead on Arrival 2 and the Project Shield, and don’t forget to check out the video below!

[Via: NVIDIA Blog]

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