KillSwitch Eliminates Your Ex From Your Facebook Profile

So it’s been a few days since your ex went all Kano on you and ripped your heart out of your chest, proudly raising it to the sky before throwing the lifeless mass on the ground. In the old days, getting over that heartbreak was a little more visceral; you could burn the photos, love letters and mixtapes, all while crying your eyes out to Elliott Smith. But in the age of Instagram, Facebook, and OkCupid, the trails of our past flames stalk us relentlessly. Now, thanks to an Android app called KillSwitch, making your ex disappear from your Facebook profile is as easy as, well, falling in love.

Sure, Facebook has a multitude of ways you can make undesirable friends and ex’s disappear from your digital life, but they require a good amount of time and effort to configure them. KillSwitch scans your Facebook friends, and allows users to select the offending person and scan your profile for traces of interaction. Select which interactions to delete, and poof, you’re ready to throw on that blazer and go on that OkCupid date. And with a squeaky clean Facebook profile, you won’t have to worry about any weirdness when trying to Facebook flirt with your new fling.

But don’t fret, folks; KillSwitch also has an option to save all of the to-be-deleted pics in a folder on your Facebook profile that’s only visible to you, so you can always relive those moments if you fall for them again, or if you are feeling particularly self-loathing.

The Android version of this app is available in the Google Play Store for $.99, and is slated to be rolling out to the Apple Play Store soon.

So cry me a river, build me a bridge and download KillSwitch. The healing begins now.

[Via: Gizmodo, KillSwitch]

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