New Zealand police buying 10,000 iOS devices

New Zealand police buying 10,000 iOS devices

Big win for Apple in New Zealand as local police decided to get iOS-based rather than Android and BlackBerry devices. The decision to take the iRoute was made after 100 New Zealand cops tested out the Apple iPhone against an Android handset and a BlackBerry model for 11 months.

As a result, the country’s Prime Minister John Key and Police Minister Anne Tolley announced that 10,000 iOS devices will be ordered by the New Zealand police. The plan will see 6,000 frontline officers getting the iPhone with 3,900 of them also receiving the iPad.

Overall, New Zealand tax payers will have to put in $4.3 million NZ (about $3.75 million USD) over a three month period, the figure that will grow up to $159 million NZ ($134.7 million USD) over ten years. At the same time, the productivity gains are expected to reach $305 million NZ ($258.5 million USD).

According to New Zealand Police’s CIO Stephen Crombie, the trial showed the most useful tools for officers were small personal devices for making phone calls or text messaging, accessing email, and accessing information and photo databases, and a larger such as a laptop or tablet for staff who need to do more data entry. He went on to add: “Based on frontline officer feedback from the trial the preferred devices are the iPhone as smartphone and iPad for the tablet. The approach used to develop the applications means Police can move to other devices with relative ease as technology changes.”

[Via: PhoneArena]

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    Must be nice to have tax payer $ to waste. for their stated needs, could have bought comparable device for less than half the cost. I assume other soon to be implemented feedback from the force was they prefer ferraris and want to work less hours per day but with the same salary?

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