Vertu opted for Android over Windows Phone 8 because it was simpler

Vertu opted for Android over Windows Phone 8 because it was simpler

Vertu has recently announced its first Android-based smartphone, Vertu Ti, which will sell for whopping 7,999 EUR (about $10,500) despite the fact it has mid-range specs. Of course, with devices like these, specs don’t matter that much – rather, it’s the precious materials used for the casing.

Anyway, according to this article at ZDNet, the luxury phone maker opted for Android because of “the complexity of building for Windows Phone.” That’s right, despite the fact that Vertu’s first Android smartphone has specs similar (same) to the Nokia Lumia 820, the company decided to use Google’s rather than Microsoft’s mobile platform.

As far as I can tell, this has nothing to do with hardware and is more of a software issue. You see, Microsoft doesn’t allow other companies to mess with its Metro UI and Vertu would definitely want to introduce some changes to the interface, so that proud (and super-rich) Vertu owners can flash their devices in public and that everyone knows it’s an m/f Vertu phone (which costs a fortune). That said, I must add that we don’t have anything against Vertu’s choice of mobile OS as we never planned buying one of their devices, anyway…

[Via: Unwired View]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    They could just made a Vertu tile appearing on the top. But that apparently wasn’t too luxury for them. 🙂

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