Nokia Maps video takes aim at Google Maps

Nokia owns Navteq and has incorporated some of that company’s core mapping technology into its Nokia Maps application. One distinguishing feature of Nokia Maps is its support for offline maps which download maps for those times when you drop your connection. To promote its Maps app, Nokia isn’t holding back in its latest navigation-themed advertising, taking a jab at Google Maps. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

  • lou

    The S3 was NEVER connected to the internet. You can tell because the bars are grayed out and there is no WiFi signal at the beginning. At the end when the user takes it out of airplane mode the phone scrolls “no SIM”. Also,? google maps does download maps, not just caching the map. This version of googlemaps is over a year old. If Nokia continues to base ad campaigns on lies (cough pureview cough) they should at least try harder.

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