Unlocked HTC One priced in the UK, starts at £459

Unlocked HTC One priced in the UK, starts at £459

British phone retailers were fast to react on the HTC One announcement few days ago, having already listed the sexy superphone for sale. All of the major companies prepared a page dedicated to HTC’s baby beast and here’s the price rundown:

If you like your phones SIM-free, you’ll obviously want to get the HTC One from Phones 4U, though we expect other retailers to change their prices accordingly or at least sweeten the deal with some free accessories. In any case, pre-orders are live now and if you want to be among the first HTC One owners, you better act quickly. 🙂

[Via: EuroDroid]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Hopefully we in continental Europe will also get it soon… 🙂

  • greedy capitalist

    Nexus 4 is £279 for the 16gb version. It’s all you need.

    • Roaduardo

      I’d have gone over to the Nexus 4 if they offered larger storage options bigger than 16GB. That’s just not big enough for the modern games on the Play Store and my personal media that I’d prefer to have on board rather than rely on streaming from the cloud.

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