MetaWatch teams up with mobile designer Frank Nuovo over the next wave of “functionally chic” smart watches

MetaWatch teams up with mobile designer Frank Nuovo over the next wave of "functionally chic" smart watches

MetaWatch, which is one of the most promising smart watch projects to date, is teaming up with mobile phone industrial designer Frank Nuovo and his company Design Studio Nuovo (DSN) to make these watches not only functional, but also cool to wear for everyone. The result is expected to be announced later in the year and it will include a new product line of “stylish and highly-functional watches and mobile accessories.”

We don’t have any additional details (like an image), but boy does it sound exciting. While I personally like MetaWatch I know many folks who can’t imagine wearing one of them due to its “too techy” look and feel. Morons…

Anyway, the prospects of collaboration excites both companies with MetaWatch’s CEO saying it’s about “building beautifully designed, functional and wearable objects of desire.” And I guess by that he means watches everyone, not just the tech savvy, will want to wear. Not that we geeks care about that part, but we’re open to surprises… as long as MetaWatch keeps its “smart component,” informing us about calls, messages, weather and other stuff… 😉

  • Hi Dusan,

    I’m the MetaWatch CEO. The quote you reference means exactly what you stated: our goal is to create beautiful watches that tell more than time and which appeal to a much broader market than developers and early technology adopters.

    Telling more than time means delivering useful information and services originating from your smartphone and/or the Internet. To appeal to broader markets it means we must deliver these relevant, new services in an elegantly simple way. That’s what we are focusing on.

    – Bill

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