North Korea to offer foreign visitors mobile internet, citizens get left out

North Korea's reaches 1 million mobile phone users

North Korea and its partly owned mobile phone provider Koryolink plan to offer mobile internet access at 3G speeds to foreign visitors and residents from abroad. This after the company recently hit a milestone of 1 million mobile phone users in the country. Citizens of North Korea will not be able to use the 3G network for internet as they remain limited to only making phone calls.

It was just a month ago when the strict North Korean government started allowing foreign visitors to bring their own mobile devices into the country with them. Now the country is beginning to ease up a bit.

Unfortunately, North Korean citizens have to suffer through limited internet as a whole, with access to only message boards, chat functions, and state sponsored media. The country’s stubbornness keeps it laughably behind South Korea in the field of technology.

[via BBC]


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