Running a small business from a smartphone [infographic]

Running a small business from a smartphone

Roughly a third of American small business owners use smartphones to manage their companies, performing tasks such as banking and customer relationship management. But which smartphone apps are best for you as a small business owners?

A new infographic, prepared by SalesForce Desk, goes through the most popular mobile apps used by small business. Here’s the quick rundown:

  • Financial management: Quickbooks, and Office Time.
  • File storage: –, Dropbox and (we would add) MediaFire.
  • Document editing: Evernote (which is also used for note-taking) and Documents To Go. Plus, let’s not forget GDrive.
  • Communication: Skype and Webex.
  • Customer support: and Get Satisfaction Mobile.
  • Monetary transactions: Square, Google Wallet, PayPal (we’ve added that).

And here’s the infographic with additional details…

Running a small business from a smartphone

  • I like the comment Beauty and brains, catchy

  • Sophia Anne Walker

    I guess in this day and age, smart businesses go mobile and easily accessible through various means. Awesome development. No wonder people really call their phones “smart phones.”


    I love the inforgraphic, great thought and excellent. If I might add just one additional almost essential ‘app’. And that would be Zopim, the live chat sales and support tool that we ourselves at MiramarOne use – as do lots and lots of other businesses. Probably not the number 1 ‘must have’ as every business is different but certainly should be on the recommended list.

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