HTC One will be able to get data from iPhone backup files

HTC One will be able to get data from iPhone backup files

One of the neat features HTC will offer for the upcoming HTC One owners is the ability to sync with data found in the iPhone backup files. These files are generated by iTunes and include photos, videos, text messages and calendar entries. While most of us sync calendars with some cloud-based service (most Android users do this by default using their GMail account), text messages are something different. A majority of mobile users don’t backup their SMS regularly (if ever) and, frankly, don’t mind doing that despite the fact there are services that makes this a seamless process. For folks who need their SMS archive and want to switch from iPhone to the hot-new HTC One, the Taiwanese company prepared a new tool to make that possible.

We’re not sure whether this software will work with older HTC models but I wouldn’t be surprised that will be the case, as well. Anyway, we applaud HTC for making switching from other platforms as seamless as it should be…

[Via: CNet]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Good news for iOS switchers. You can’t go wrong with the HTC One. 😉

  • so can the Iphone, and HTC phones are terrible. I had an “Incredible”, whose full name was “Incredible Waste Of Time And Money”

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