LG Optimus G finally coming to Europe

LG Optimus G finally coming to Europe

Not sure why it took so long for LG to bring its last year’s flagship device to Europe but the good thing is that it’s finally here. Actually, it’s still now available in a store near you, but it should be there soon, starting with Sweden and then followed by other European markets, including France, Germany and Italy.

To make for sweeter deal, the Korean company will offer the Optimus G with pre-installed Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, along with few other enhancements like:

  • QSlide – which now allows users to operate multiple applications at the same time, as transparent screen layers as opposed to side-by-side frames. The size, position and transparency of the QSlide screen can be adjusted according your needs.
  • Safety Care – so that phone can automatically send location information to user-designated persons via SMS in certain situations such as when emergency services is dialed, when the phone goes unused for a certain length of time and after the user has ended a call with a designated contact.
  • Privacy Keeper – allows you to hide a caller’s information (name, number and photo) in an incoming call.

Plus, there are other goodies like Google Now, Filmstrip View and Expandable Notification… What follows is a short video below demoing these new capabilities. Check it out.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Nice from LG to friggin’ finally bring Optimus G to Europe. It’s little too late now. We want HTC One instead. 🙂

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