i’m Watch goes for the fitness enthusiasts with i’m sport app; Unveils i’m here location device

i'm Watch gets goes for the fitness enthusiasts with i'm sport app

i’m Watch is building on the success of its smart watch and is unveiling a new app for fitness enthusiasts – i’m sport. the application allows users to connect their i’m Watch to a Zephyr heart rate sensor to monitor heartbeat. Moreover, you are able to set the workout length, time your activities, and use other options to get some numbers (so you could set goals) from your exercise.

Additionally, we’ll be able to check out the latest version (2.1) of i’m watch’s “i’m Droid” platform, featuring the new Bluetooth stack and an upgrade for the Handsfree device, both of which should make using your smart watch an even more pleasant experience.

And that’s not all. Alongside the watch itself, Italian company “i’m” is also unveiling another device called i’m Here. “Astonishingly small and portable,” it is a Smart Locator GPS that detects user’s location as well as that of other persons. More importantly, it allows folks to send off an SOS rescue-call by just pressing a panic button, which can be life-saving in certain emergencies. As such, i’m here is perfect for anxious mothers, extreme sport enthusiasts, and people with sensory dysfunctions such as loss of orientation or spatial awareness. All you need is to be connected and the device will quickly track the exact position of the wearer. Or, if you’re the one carrying i’m here, pressing the panic button will make a call to a pre-selected number…

i'm here location device

  • PeterSteinbeck

    That watch looks a bit over the edge. I’m geek but I have limits too…

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