Jabra unveils 5 new headphones at MWC

Jabra unveils 5 new headphones at MWC

Jabra unveiled a total of five new headphones at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and here we want to briefly present you with each one of them. Let’s roll, shall we?

Jabra Revo and Jabra Revo Wireless (1)

These two are said to be specifically designed for hard-wearing, everyday use and portability, featuring a “new dimension of sound performance,” thanks to Jabra’s collaboration with Dolby Laboratories. As a result, mobile music lovers will be able to hear music “as it should be heard” using Jabra’s Sound app.

Both the Jabra Revo Wireless and Jabra Revo headphones are solidly constructed using an aluminum frame, steel hinges and a shatter-proof headband for extreme flexibility. The wired model will sell for $199.99, while its wireless counterpart will cost $50 more.

Jabra Vox (2)

Built from premium materials, the “small but tough” Jabra Vox comes with tangle-free, reinforced cables and is thoroughly tested for ultimate durability and performance. In addition, it also sports fitting, specially designed ColorCore EarGels for enhanced comfort. When it comes to pricing, the Vox will be available for $99.99.

Jabra Play (3)

Worn around the neck as a personal accessory or clipped on, the Jabra Play is a stylish little headset that packs an “incredible sonic punch when listening to music or making a call.” Available in both black and white, it can connect to two devices simultaneously so you can switch easily between music and calls while on the go. Price wise, this headset will be available from March for 59.99 EUR.

Jabra Tag (4)

Featuring the iconic dog tag design, the Jabra Tag combines “precision sound, seamless music and call control.” Moreover, it comes with built-in FM radio that allows folks to use it even without a phone. Also available in black and white (like Jabra Play), it will start selling from March for 69.99 EUR…

Jabra unveils 5 new headphones at MWC

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