SPB TV launches new multi-screen TV solution and a second screen app

https://www.box.com/signup/collablink/d_693300485/7dce4ecSPB TV launches new multi-screen TV solution and a second screen app81b937

SPB TV is unveiling it next-gen multi-screen TV solution, SPB TV Media Platform 5.0, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that includes improved mobile apps for all major platforms as well an over-the-top web-based interface that works on all Internet-connected devices.

Each mobile app version is “perfectly tailored” for its mobile OS’ look and feel so Windows 8 users can expect a Metro-style design. The UI itself has been revamped with “well-organized designed” to make it even easier to navigate around.

Among other platform enhancements we find new Business Intelligence and reporting engine, new CMS, updated advertising platform, as well as new versions of Encoders and Streamers.

In addition, there’s also a brand new second-screen app made to enrich the in-home TV viewing experience with social sharing features and even augmented reality elements. These features should make your TV watching more of an interactive experience as you will be able to access information such as actor or director trivia, sport players’ and athletes’ bios and statistics, detailed recipes used in cooking shows, or even alternative movie endings…

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