Yandex updates Yandex.Shell (former SPB Shell), launches Yandex.Store

Yandex updates Yandex.Shell and launches Yandex.Store

Yandex is launching a new version of its Yandex.Shell app (formerly SPB Shell), which is one of the world’s most popular UI solutions for customizing Android-based smartphones. In fact, since the announcement in February 2012, the application has been downloaded more than one million times.

As you probably already know, Yandex.Shell gives any Android phone a 3D look and feel, while also sporting a push panel technology that allows sending customized panels and skins straight to the phone over the air. The new version of Yandex.Shell adds an updated dialer and address book to the mix.

In the second part of the news, we’re looking at Yandex.Store, the company’s brand new app store for Android apps. Launching with more than 50,000 apps, it is offered under flexible terms of a license agreement and does not involve any additional fees.

Yandex has already found first clients for its store with a number of device manufacturers — including 3Q, Explay, Oppo, PocketBook, Qumo, teXet and Wexler — all agreeing to pre-install it on mobile devices shipped to the Russian market. In addition, one of Russia’s largest mobile operators, MegaFon, has also created a mobile app store, GetUpps!, using the technology platform and apps pool of Yandex.Store along with its own developments.

Finally, it’s important to add that all apps in the Yandex.Store are verified against malware by Kaspersky Lab, making sure end-users can safely download stuff onto their smartphones and tablets.

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