Andy Rubin crushes dreams – Claims Google has no plans for retail stores

AllThingsD recently reports that Andy Rubin has denied the rumors of Google potentially opening its own retail stores.

The quote came from a roundtable, with Rubin, the ‘father of Android’, saying the following:

“Google has no plans and we have nothing to announce,”

While this doesn’t mean that Google won’t end up opening retail stores eventually, it’s a bit of a bummer. Many people were excited to see such retail stores open to showcase Google’s Nexus, Chrome, and Google TV products.

Rubin also claims that people no longer need to physically touch a product before they buy it today, which is essentially true. Those interested in a device likely do a hefty amount of research before they choose to purchase it, but having the option to physically handle a device before you throw hundreds of dollars at it certainly doesn’t hurt. That said, ‘having the option’ likely isn’t enough to warrant a retail store for the search giant. However, if the rumor of multiple Nexus phones did pan out, that would increase our desire to see such a store. That’s for sure.

We’re sure that Google has some big plans to put its Nexus and Chrome OS products, but it doesn’t look like a retail store is in the cards. For now, at least.

Sure, we all want to see a physical Google Play store, but do you believe it’s completely necessary?

[Via: AllThingsD]


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