LG WCP-300 unveiled as world’s smallest wireless charger

LG WCP-300 unveiled as world's smallest wireless charger

It’s not just phones LG is unveiling at Mobile World Congress. They also found time to announce a neat accessory – WCP-300, which is touted to be the world’s smallest wireless charger. Despite that, its charging area is 1.7 times wider than that of LG’s previous generation wireless charger. Pretty impressive when you think about it.

Similarly to other such products, the Qi-certified WCP-300 relies on electromagnetic induction technology to produce a magnetic field that in turn generates an electric current to charge the batteries in devices placed on the pad.

Aside from its own devices that support wireless charging like LG Optimus G Pro, Spectrum 2 and Nexus 4 – this accessory can also work with other compatible smartphones such as the Nokia Lumia 920 and many others that will be released later this year.

The LG WCP-300 should hit the market in the next few months; we’re not sure how much it will cost, though…

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