HTCSync Makes Switching From iPhone to HTC One a Snap

HTC One will be able to get data from iPhone backup files

HTC is releasing it HTC One smartphone in March, and the Korean company is hoping to convert Apple iPhone users to its new flagship device. HTC is making it as painless as possible for iPhone users to sync their data with the new HTC One smartphone. HTC’s sync software, which functions on both Windows and OSX, will contain a feature that enables iPhone users to back up their data and port it over to the HTC One. The feature, while not revolutionary, is very useful and may be enough to garner the attention of iPhone users.

The feature will be released around the same time as the HTC One release, via the HTCSync software. iPhone users will then be able to take a backup of their data from iTunes and sync it to their HTC One. Everything from the iTunes backup will be transferred, including text messages, pictures, videos and music.

There’s no telling how many iPhone users will be sold on switching to the HTC One, but for those who are looking to jump ship, HTC is offering an easy way to get on board with Android.

[Via:Android Spin]

  • Lorentz Morrow

    HTC is not Korean.

  • Ben L

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the HTC One when it is released. And, HTC as far as I know is still a Taiwanese company.

  • Any a

    Korean company???

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