MWC 2013: Huawei booth tour

Huawei booth tour

Huawei had one major device announcement during this year’s Mobile World Congress – for the Ascend P2, though many other devices were also on display in Barcelona.

Just like ZTE, Huawei has also advanced through the years and we even tend to think of it as a better of the two major Chinese handset makers. At least we find Huawei-made products looking much better than those made by ZTE. And it was interesting to watch the evolution of Huawei’s MWC booth…

Just few years ago, they’ve been showcasing entry- and mid-level devices; that changed in 2012 when the company effectively entered the high-end market with its Ascend D quad. And despite failing to bring it to market on time, we were pretty impressed with what these folks could do. Now if they could also bring their products faster to market, they could easily outsell some of their competitors (though not all).

Here are few photos of Huawei’s MWC 2013 booth…

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