MWC 2013: NVIDIA booth tour

NVIDIA booth tour

Unsurprisingly, NVIDIA put a strong emphasis on Tegra 4 at this year’s Mobile World Congress. And while we still wait to see the first device relying on the new processor — which will be made by ZTE — the company offered us perspective on some of their plans, touting the Tegra 4 as the best mobile CPU ever. And I must say that the demo games that were on display do look amazing.

We do look forward to see NVIDIA getting back to the game and once again getting a decent share of the very high-end of the market.

In the meantime, we had a chance to play with a number of devices using NVIDIA’s existing chip (Tegra 3), allowing me personally to catch up with some of the phones and tablets I haven’t been able to try out before. Here’s the gallery with all the images…

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