MWC 2013: Samsung booth tour

Samsung booth tour

We weren’t expecting much from Samsung at Mobile World Congress and the Korean company made sure our low expectations are met. It is said that they’re keeping the best for its own event in March when the brand-new Galaxy S IV will be unveiled. In the meantime, they’ve pretty much bored us with the Galaxy 8.0, which may be awesome but it’s also super-expensive. And while we do understand Samsung is one of the world’s most respected brands, we can’t help but wonder who in the world will pay such a premium for an 8-inch tablet. After all, it runs Android just like many similar products that may not look as fancy, but offer comparable feature set. Ok, there’s not TouchWiz in other companies’ tablets, but that’s not necessarily a minus; quite the contrary, many folks find Sammy’s UI annoying.

Anyway, here’s how their gigantic booth looked like all with the images of different phones, accessories, laptops and even TVs…

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