BlackBerry pushes out update for its new Z10 handset

BlackBerry unveiled the BlackBerry 10-powered Z10 handset earlier this year and the phone is now available from a handful of carriers. To address some issue in the first generation BB10 device, BlackBerry is pushing out its first public update for the handset.

According to BlackBerry’s website, the update for the Z10 includes the following tweaks and fixes:

  • improved 3rd Party App Performance
  • improvements in importing contacts from online sources
  • improvements in the BlackBerry Hub for logging calls
  • fixes for Gmail calendars on BlackBerry 10
  • low-light optimization for the camera
  • improvements in the way the browser handles video playback
  • over 60 battery optimizing improvements that’ll extend your battery

The software update will be pushed over the air to all BlackBerry phones. Owners can manually check for the update by going to “Settings> Software Updates> Check for Updates “and then follow the on-screen steps to install the software.

[Via BlackBerry]


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