An iPad, a Projector and Tagtool: Paint Your City Without Getting Arrested

Artists in the modern age have some very interesting tools at their disposal, and now all one needs for a full on urban art show is an iPad, a projector and an app called Tagtool. The app, in conjunction with a projector, turns any surface into a virtual canvas. The app allows users to create works of art on their iPad, and then project it directly onto any surface.

Tagtool comes to us courtesy of the Vienna-based company OMAi, an agency that offers interactive art and entertainment services. The app was developed with projection painting in mind, and allows two or more users to work together via Wi-Fi to create collaborative art pieces. Any flat surface can be a canvas, even your home. It can also be projected on the TV via an AV adapter, or pushed using Apple TV.

“The concept of being able to project your digital drawing and/or animation while on its creative process has been on its developers’ minds for quite a long time. Their initial invention was a DIY complex of devices which allowed them to create their application with a more intuitive functionality. The new generation seems to work more as a digital finger-painting process, where the artist uses the tablet as a desktop equipped with piece(s) of paper and colors”

Although most of the pictures we’ve seen so far have been rather big outside pieces, there’s no doubt that Tagtool would be a very welcome addition to any party, rave, concert, you name it. It will be exciting to see what users do with this technology, especially with the ability to collaborate on a project. But if you just wanted to project bat-signals randomly around town, that would be awesome, too.

Check out Tagtool in use below!

The Night is our Canvas from Tagtool on Vimeo.



[Via: WebUrbanist]

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