MWC 2012: HTC booth tour

HTC booth tour

HTC One. Everything at HTC’s booth was about their new flagship smartphone. Actually, there were other phones on display as well, but as everyone visiting Mobile World Congress could attest, HTC put all of its eggs into success of the HTC One. And they have all reasons for optimism – as far as I’m concerned that’s the best smartphone I’ve ever seen. Yes, even better than Sony’s Xperia Z. Yeah, it has a smaller screen (4.7-inch one) than Sony’s flagship (5 inches), but it’s much sexier and easier to carry around. The One’s metallic body makes for premium look and feel, compared to which many other phones seem like cheap pieces of plastic.

Everyone was able to try out the HTC One as quite a few units were there. I played with one of them for almost 15 minutes, after which I went on and took shots of HTC’s booth, which you can see below…

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