Microsoft Relases Photosynth for WP8 Users

Windows today is finally bringing it’s panorama app Photsynth to Windows Phone 8 users. The app had previously been released on iOS and Windows Phone 7, but was missing on Windows’ newest platform.

Microsoft has taken the time to make sure Photosynth works flawlessly with Windows Phone 8’s features, and is promising “beautiful and immersive” panorama shots. Some of the features of the Photosynth app are new tools for changing exposure rates and adjusting white balance , the ability to view shared panoramas, and general improvements that will bring bug and stability fixes. Panoramas can also be uploaded to the Photosynth site, and then shared via Bing, Facebook and Twitter.

“Sometimes a single photo – even a wide angle photo – doesn’t do a place justice. Whether it’s the view off a cliff, or inside an incredible cathedral, we’ve all been to places that cry out for a full 360 panorama. Photosynth is the only Windows Phone app that can stitch a full sphere. That’s 360 degrees horizontally and vertically.”-Photosynth Blog

So if you are using a Windows Phone, head on over to the Windows Phone Store and give Photosynth a whirl. Because the advanced photo stitching abilities require a good deal of memory, Photosynth is only available for Windows Phone devices with at least 512MB of RAM.

[Via:Photosynth Blog]

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