Guy Kawasaki scores advisory role at Motorola; Change is in the air?

Guy Kawasaki scores advisory role at Motorola

Google hired former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki to help it turn around the former giant Motorola.

Guy, who’s these days known as a book author and motivational speaker, will be taking on more of an “advisory role,” focusing on areas such as product design, user interface, marketing and social media.

According to him, Motorola looks likes the Apple of 1998, it’s a “pioneer in its market segment, engineering-driven, and ripe for innovation.” His belief is that “great products can change everything.”

To start things off, Kawasaki has created a Google+ community for mobile device talk which isn’t directly focused on Motorola, but we’re sure it will also be used as a venue for promoting Moto products and services. In fact, we’re hoping that through this channel, we’ll get some early information about the forthcoming Motorola X super-phone, which may prove as a key product to help turnaround the company. We’ll let you know when we hear something new…

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