Nokia reveals exclusive Burton app in promo video

Nokia has revealed a new video on its YouTube channel showing off its exclusive Burton mobile app in action. The Finnish based phone maker announced the application during Mobile World Congress last week. Burton is a snowboarding company that decided to team up with Nokia to give each of its users features, which play to both companies strengths. For example, the new app brings features like Nokia Music connectivity, as well as a powerful lens through Nokia’s sequencer API.

In addition to the use of Nokia Music and lens, Burton’s app gives users some excellent implementation of Windows Phone 8 functionality, such as live tiles which can link you to the weather and snow forecast of the resorts near you. The app also lets folks record short video and instantly chop down the video to the part they want to use. The functionality kind of resembles Apple’s iMovie app.

I tried out the new app, and I’d have to say it isn’t that bad. It seems to be well received by other Windows Phone 8 users as well. Burton did a good job embracing the style concept of WP8, now if only Microsoft can get more third-party apps to follow suit.

Download Burton from the Nokia Collection of apps on the Windows Phone Store.

Watch video: k-4xqnqPqqc

[via WPCentral]

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