Dreamworks teams-up with Rovio to launch official “The Croods” game on March 14th

Dreamworks teams-up with Rovio to launch official The Croods game on March 14th

Dreamworks Animations is teaming-up with experts from Rovio to promote its upcoming animated film “The Croods,” the famous Angry Birds maker has announced. The film’s story follows Grug, a prehistoric era cavemen as he’s trying to save his family from the fast-changing world. Everything starts with an earthquake ravaging the poor man’s home, and now he must find a new place to live in.

The Croods movie promises a ton of fun and funny characters, and I can’t wait to see it hitting the theaters. In the meantime, we’ll have a mobile game to enjoy (for Android and iOS). It is launching before the movie itself, on March 14th, and while you wait, we have the game trailer to show you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reveal what the game will be all about, but knowing Rovio we’re expecting a funny little puzzler. And yes, we’re looking forward to try it out…

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