Future Bros Use Google Glass Just Like You’d Think

Oh Google Glass, how you will forever change our lives. Well, maybe. But if the video below is any indication, as soon as the new wearable tech is a little more, how can you say, not so dorky looking, we may be looking at dating becoming even more awkward than it already is.

Google’s Project Glass has received much attention as of late, with Google Glass units being spotted around the U.S., popping up in bars in the Mission district of San Francsico, and in New York. Recently, Google rolled out it’s #ifihadglass contest, which allowed participants to win the opportunity to purchase Glass. JetBlue entered the ring, creating some interesting renders which showed a possible future using Glass in an airport.

And now we have a satire video, which is surprisingly spot on. I mean, having your bearded friend who lives in his mom’s basement coach you on your date is a sure fire #win, right?

So Sergey Brin, now we get what you mean about smartphones being “emasculating.” Now with Google Glass, dudes can creep harder than ever before, and in real time! Future’s looking so bright, I gotta wear shades. Err, Google Glass.


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