HTC’s Ultrapixel Camera Technology Coming to Other HTC Devices

Ultrapixel camera technology could be coming soon to lower end handsets, according to Omio. The technology which debuts on HTC’s new flagship device, the HTC One, is a new way of taking photos with smartphone cameras. Utilizing larger pixels, this technique means that more data can represent one pixel, making the extra data available to be intelligently “combined” to make a crisp, clean image and better color accuracy.

When asked about the technology possibly being utilized in other devices, namely dual-core processors that are now being increasingly found on mid-range devices, Phil Roberson, the head of HTC UK and Ireland confirmed this possibility by stating:

“It could … the core is around the sensor and the image chip that we are using”

“We’ve got dedicated silicon, in terms of the processing that comes off of the sensor”

“However, the Qualcomm chipset [used in the HTC One] does enable a lot of this to happen”

“The ability to take HD video and high-res images at the same time is powered by the quad-core on the device, as well”

So there it is folks, look for Ultrapixel technology to be rolling out to mid-range devices on HTC’s lineup sometime in the future. It may take a while, and we will see how much of a hold Ultrapixel technology takes after the release of the HTC One this month.

[Via: Omio]

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