Infographic: How Google Monetizes off of Mobile

A new infographic comes to us today courtesy of digital ad company WordStream that shows us just exactly how Google makes money off of mobile platforms. There’s no doubt that Google is a huge player in the new tech industry, garnering a revenue of $50 Billion dollars last year. But with its ethos of staying open source, Google eschews the traditional business model in many ways, leaving us to wonder: just how in the hell do they make so much money?

The infographic below shows us 21 ways that Google monetizes off of mobile devices. Of course, advertising efforts such as AdWords and Google AdMob are clear winners, as well as Google’s Chrome OS and Android. Apps play a strong role as well, with Google Maps and Google Voice showing to be very profitable, especially after the whole Apple Maps debacle.

Check out the infographic below for the full story.




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