Nexus 7 Dock Now Available in Google Play Store

Well, it took quite a long time to finally arrive, but you can now purchase the official Nexus 7 dock directly from the Google Play Store for $29.99.

You can finally put those pogo pin holes to some use with your Nexus 7 now with the official dock, which will charge the tablet and double as a nice stand for viewing movies and more. We’ve been waiting for this dock to come out for a while now, and hopefully if Google does announce another version of the Nexus 7 soon, it will retain the same design.

If you order the Nexus 7 dock now, it will ship in a week or two, so you still have to play the waiting game. Still, we’re just glad that Google finally made the dock available to the masses. The dock is currently available in the US, CA, DE, JP, UK, and AU.

So what are you waiting for? One of the best accessories for your Nexus 7 has finally arrived. Go get it!

You can grab the Nexus 7 dock right here!

[Via: Android Central]

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