iOS is more popular on planes than Android

In-flight wireless provider GoGo put together an infographic that details device usage at 36,000 feet. According to its metrics, travelers are more likely to use tablets (35 percent) than laptops (33 percent) or smartphones (32 percent) while flying. A whopping 84 percent of devices used on their service run iOS, while only 16 percent are powered by Android. When cruising at high altitude, most people use their devices to surf the web, check email or browse social networks.

You check out all the metrics in the infographic below.

[Via GoGo and SlashGear]

  • What’s most intriguing is that IE ranks at #2. I mean, how is that even possible? That raises some serious doubts over the infographic itself. Anyway, nice to know iOS leads!

  • ios is more reliable, is it any reason for its usage increase where there is chance of vulnerability

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