My Sony Xperia T frustrations

My Sony Xperia T frustrations

I got the Sony Xperia T at Mobile World Congress as part of an NFC pilot program. I never managed to participate as I had problems with the software that refused to log me on and on. There was an NFC help desk at one of the halls, but I never found time to go there for a tech support — it was a busy week, as you can imagine.

Then when I got home, I decided this will be my next phone until HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S IV start selling in my country. So installed all the apps I’ve been using on my now-dated Galaxy S II and was looking forward to test it out.

After using the “Bond phone” for a week, I have just one thing to say – this is probably the worst phone I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’m sure 007 wouldn’t get through the day if that was his only phone. There are two main reasons:

  1. The Xperia T constantly reboots. And I’m talking about 30 reboots PER day!
  2. It can’t connect to all Wi-Fi hotspots, my home network included.

Now, you may say I’m using some weird (not regular) apps. That’s not the case – all of the apps running on my Xperia T are downloaded from the Google Play store. In fact, ALL of them were running on the Galaxy S II. I also haven’t rooted the phone or did something of that sort.

As for the second point, I’ve read at XDA forums that I need to tweak my router, change few things in the settings, to make it “compatible” (or something) with the Xperia T. What? That same router is used for connecting all other devices in my apartment, including the Samsung Galaxy S II, my wife’s LG Prada 3.0, Nexus 10 and two laptops. It’s good for them, but not for Sony? And in case you wonder, I did disconnect few devices to see whether the router has too many connections. That didn’t help.

But wait, there’s more. As I tried to deal with the two problems, I searched the web to find the solution. Guess what I’ve found – it’s not just Xperia T users that have these problems; other Xperia phone owners are reporting similar issues. What gives?

In case you wonder, the phone runs Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich out of box, as I’m still waiting for the Jelly Bean update (some markets already got it).

UPDATE: I flashed Jelly Bean on it (Sony’s official ROM) but I’m sad to say that didn’t help. My Wi-Fi network is still not visible and the phone keeps rebooting throughout the day.

Let me get one thing straight – I love the new Xperia Z (and ZL for that matter), but if it acts like the Xperia T, it’s doomed for failure. We used to bash LG for not updating their devices in a timely fashion, but they worked perfectly out of box (and with apps installed). With Sony, that’s different – as soon as you install few apps, it keeps crashing. They need to *seriously* get their act together to stay relevant in the mobile game.

If you happen to own the Sony Xperia T, please don’t hesitate to share your experiences, and perhaps give me some advice how to fix some of the issues I’m having. Thanks. 😉

  • I got Xperia T from various months and… Nevere evere and never agin had a similar problem, so… you blame on Sony and you have… a FREE XPERIA T even if Faulty, so if you don’t ask for a substition, is Sony’s Fault? I think is possibile that some device have some manufacturing mistakes, it’s normal… Every one can do, but if you don’t asked for a working one, is your fault, not sony! 😀

  • yeah

    I’ve had this phone for a month. I’ve got zero problems. Probably the best android device I’ve owned. You write an article because you have bad hardware? Do you really think every xperia t acts like that? You need to find something to write about I think. Lame article.

    • not the case. I *really* wanted to love it. Just search the web for problems people have with Xperia phones. I was surprised to discover I’m not the only one. Plus it’s not just Xperia T that has this issues… unfortunately.

      • Pek

        in the web you can find problems with every existent phone…

      • ricardo

        i have had the phone for a solid 3 moths, hasnt rebooted a single time, battery life is AMAZING…i dont even have automatic brightness on…constantly on data, at home use wifi(no problems with such). all my apps work perfectly…i mean im reading the article wondering if we are talking about the same phone. but fact is every now and again someone will come in to a glitchy phone….you need to find the issue.

    • ricardo

      Have had the phone for almost a year, not a single reboot. everything working 100%, the only reason i can see somebody not liking it is the interface, that is tweaked by sony making it diferent to other android phones on the market, but then again samsung does that too …and i like it, if somebody doesnt like it they an always root it, and use the standers android interface. Love the shape, can expand storage capacity…no problems with wi-fi.

  • sbangar

    try repairing your phone with SEUS

  • itsnoel

    Hmmm, this is the same kind of problem I have had with Nokia. As a pilot test, can you see/connect to the router without security set up. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason with the Nokias as to why they woudnt connect and it was a case that the previous model would but a new one wouldnt! Good luck with that.

    As for the restarting clearly that’s not normal. My T runs well and it too was a Sony test device in its life before it came to me. Did you backup apps from Google or install fresh? If so, try not to. The internal and SD card storage setup on the T is different too and its a bind to have apps on SD card it seems. Could be something to do with restarts.

  • wasabi

    My Xperia T has been rebooting itself for probably more than 30 times a day and has suddenly started to overheat frequently. This has only recently happened after I installed Jelly Bean. Quite upsetting actually…

    • catroot

      Same here.

      I’ve been using the Xperia T for 5 months and now (with JB) it keeps rebooting. Sometimes the screen does not turn off.

      Really annoying.

  • geofftate

    Not shocked at the reboot reports. Seems to be problem with most all Androids including Samsung. The worst offenders along with Sony seem to be HTC and LG.

  • waleed794

    This phone is so amazing therz no way they can make it better . I have cm10 and its very smooth and no reboots

  • N

    It has been nearly 2 weeks since I’ve purchased my Xperia T and I have experienced the same problem, it just seems to reboot whenever it feels like it

  • MoN

    I’ve had my Xperia T for about 4 months and today was the first time it has crashed, I get lag every now and then but that’s normal user lag. My phone has crashed now and I have no idea what to do. I cant reboot it because well you cant open the back to take the battery out. so any suggestions on what I should do?

    • booya

      hold in the camera, and volume up button at the same time.

  • chrisleonard8

    Had my Xperia t for 7 months and not had any problems what so ever, battery life good , camera is simple awesome and web browsing nice and fast.
    Never had any problems with WiFi either.

  • Ross

    I’ve had the phone for a few days now and am not experience any performance issues or reeboots, except for very bad wifi. It’s constantly losing the connection, I have turned off the advanced setting to avoid bad connections and rebooted quite a few times… I keep having this problem and not only with my router at home, but everywhere.
    Maybe a re-install of Android will help.. I might give it a try.
    Otherwise I will have a word with Sony…

  • Kuber Hrithick

    Instruction How To Install Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Based CM10.1 RC4 ROM On Sony Xperia T LT30p :

    1.First, you must download CM10.1 RC4 ROM for Sony Xperia T and Google Apps (Filename:

    2.Now, connect your Xperia T to PC using USB cable and then mount your storage first.

    3.Once you manage access of your phone SD card content from your
    computer, copy downloaded zip files to the SD card of your phone. Important: Don’t extract any file.

    4.Once you finish file transfer procedure, disconnect USB and then turn off your phone.

    5. Boot into recovery mode. To do so, first power on your device and
    when purple LED light is on, press Volume Up continuously until boot
    into Recovery mode [use volume buttons to scroll and Power button to

    6. As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to perform a Nandroid
    backup of your existing ROM that you can restore later if this new ROM
    not work or you want to go back. To perform a Nandroid backup, select Backup and Restore, then on the next screen, select Backup again. Go back to main recovery menu after backup process done.

    7. It’s time to perform some wiping task to eliminate clash between new ROM and previous ROM. To do so, first select wipe data/factory reset, then select Yes
    on next screen to confirm your action. Wait few minutes till the data
    wiping process done. Now come back to CWM recovery main menu. Select wipe cache partition and after wiping cache partition process completed, select Wipe Dalvik Cache under advance option to perform Dalvik cache wiping. When all done, it’s safe to move into next step.

    8. Select install zip from sdcard, then select choose zip from sdcard. Now, locate the CM10.1 ROM zip file that you copied earlier in Step 3 and select it by pressing Power button. Confirm installation on next screen and soon the ROM installation procedure start.

    9. Once the ROM installation process end, repeat the step 8 but choose gapps-jb-20130301-signed zip file instead of ROM zip to install the Google apps package.

    10. When all done, you should go back to the main recovery menu and select reboot system now to reboot the smartphone. The phone will then boot into this new ROM, however you should note the first boot usually take time usually about 5 minutes.

    Hi i have a great issue, i had Followed upto the 10th step which
    was mentioned above, after that i had switch on my mobile, but it is not
    getting switch on, how to switch on the device, how to fix this eror,
    any idea and Solution is there, Can u plz help me, it is very helpful
    for me, Plz i need your help, My Device name Sony Xperia T Model No –

  • Kuber Hrithick

    Is there any other Solution for that, Plz Help me how to do it, Waiting
    for your Reply, Kindly Help me as soon as Possible, this is the Link
    which i followed step by step, After the 10th Step, My Mobile is not
    getting Switch on, But i connected it in charger, it was charging light
    has been indicating, but it is not getting switch on, I Hope you can
    understand my Problem and help me…????

  • Kuber Hrithick

    Hi Dusan Belic, can u help me to solve this issue, i am not using my phone for the past 1 week, can u able to fix this error, i got fear tat my phone was bricked, can u understand my problem, tell me how to do…????? waiting for u r reply????

  • ash

    You just got some shitty version.
    I already have it almost a year.. never experienced 1% of the problems you just described..

  • ftp

    My Sony Xperia Z which I bought only 4 months back is continuously rebooting and it is still at it even after re-installing using PC companion! What should I do now?!

  • true

    Ive had this phone for about six months and ive hated it since the minute i set it up. but i loved in the store, truely! it factory resets on my monthly deleting all my contacts apps pictures. the battery life is horrible and its been frequently shutting down and dying at 23% if my phone dies I have to leave it foe atleast half an hour before plugging it in. doing so earlier wont work.I rather my old old old lg flip phone . I cant wait to go back to the galaxy.

  • Bob

    Oh my gosh I have the same problems. My Xperia can’t even run the apps it has pre-installed. It crashes when I attempt to make phone calls if it doesn’t freeze/crash. It also turns into the demo version you’d see at the retailer store when I use the Best Buy Wi-fi. I hate this phone with compassion. I wish mine worked like the other people’s Xperias below. My friends call it the “Xperia Downs.”

  • Jan Pieczul

    my xperia t restarts all the time at 90% or lower, this is so annoying

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