Netflix won’t launch a BlackBerry 10 app in the near future

Netflix won't launch a BlackBerry 10 app in the near future

Remember when we’ve told you that a Netflix app is coming to BlackBerry 10 devices? Well, that ain’t gonna happen any time soon. In fact, the popular movie streaming service has “no current plans” to release a mobile app for BlackBery’s new platform.

The information comes from AllThingsD, which managed to get that in a statement from Netflix’s spokesman. He didn’t went further to explain this move, hinting us they’re in the “wait and see” mode, and may return to the subject as soon as BlackBerry manages to move a critical number of units. As of present, Netflix has little incentive to put its resources into developing for the nascent platform, which future is still unknown.

Netflix aside, a number of developers are embracing BlackBerry’s new OS, in many cases relying on the porting tools provided by the company that make it easy to bring their Android titles to the BlackBerry community.

  • nosheitsherlock

    HA ! Who cares? This news is so old are you kidding? Most people don’t watch movies on cellphones especially with the data caps set. Plus BB Z10 has HTML5 .. NUFF SAID !!!

  • Debby

    who would would want Netflix..they were just sued for selling their customers private information to others without permission..I know, was one they stole from//

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