Google Patent Application Reveals “Backside Control”

A newly published patent application from the US Patent and Trademark Office has revealed that Google is working on some new technology for future devices. The patent application details a backside control mechanism for Android devices, that could provide functionality such as volume control, web page navigating and more. Google has also stated that the device may provide visual, audible and tactile feedback when the mechanism is activated.

This idea was first imagined by Apple for use with tablets back in 2006, so Google’s patent application may butt heads with the company. We’ll see how Google’s application goes, and if Apple jumps on incorporating this technology into its devices ahead of Google. This technology is not just destined for Android phones or tablets, as we can expect to see it pop up in all of Google’s future devices, such as Chromebooks.

Would backside controls interest you in an upcoming device, or do you think it will remain a somewhat gimmicky feature, like what Sony has done with the PS Vita?

[Via: Patent Bolt]

  • Gimmick – no use, maybe you touch the back by a mistake, and then?????

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