Riptide GP 2 shown off on NVIDIA Project SHIELD

NVIDIA’s latest blog post continues to show off the Project Shield, effectively making us swoon as it tends to do. The latest game showcased on the powerful portable gaming console is Riptide GP 2, the follow-up to one of the most fun and addicting games we’ve ever played.

The Tegra-optimized version of Riptide GP was already rather stunning when it came to graphics, but you can bet your ass that the game looks ridiculous (in an awesome way) on the Tegra 4-toting Project SHIELD.

While you’ll eventually find Riptide GP 2 on other devices, NVIDIA detailed some Tegra 4 specific features that you just won’t find anywhere else:

Specific Tegra 4 enhancements for this fan favorite include full game controller support, enhanced water and particle effects, HDR lighting, boosted reflection shaders and the all-new spectator mode made possible by Project SHIELD.

If you need more of a taste, don’t miss the video below!

[Via: NVIDIA Blog]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I begin to like the Project Shield. These games look amazing. 😉

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