Grandpa, Tell Me Bout The Good Ol’ Days: Top 5 Retro Android Games

With so many games out there for Android, I still find myself playing games from gaming’s good ol’ days, a time when animated sprites moved around in side scrolling adventures, when gore in video games was hard to find, and the word polygon was only something you heard about in math class. Here are 5 of my favorite retro games that are available on Android, in all of their pixellated glory. They’ll set you back a few bucks, but now that you’re all grown up, that shouldn’t be a problem.


Metal Slug X, $3.99

The Metal Slug series has always been one of my favorites. Originally released on SNK’s Neo Geo platform, as well as in the arcade, is a relentless side scrolling shooter that will keep your fingers tapping. With simple gameplay mechanics, a variety of weapons and even getting to control a tank to blast baddies to high hell, this game stands the test of time.


Sonic CD, $4.99

Sonic CD was first released for the Sega CD, which was a unit that plugged into the Sega Genesis when video games began their transition from cartridges to CD-ROMs. This version of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog series is one of the most solid, and delivers pure Sonic enjoyment at its best, all without Knuckles and Tails.

Jet Set Radio, $4.99

Jet Set Radio was first released on Sega’s Dreamcast, its last and greatest console. Jet Set Radio is not only fun, but graphically it’s a treat; it drips with the trappings of the graffiti world. Did I mention that you play as a roller blader in futuristic Tokyo, running from cops and tagging the city?


Final Fantasy III, $15.99

And without further ado, Final Fantasy III, or Final Fantasy VI is you are a real otaku. This title is hands down one of the best Final Fantasy games to date, aside from Final Fantasy VII, that is. This version is not the original SNES version, however. In 2006, FFIII received a huge graphical makeover, and conversion to 3D and was released for the Nintendo DS platform. This is essentially that version, although the graphics have been optimized a bit.


Chrono Trigger, $9.99


Another solid RPG from Square is Chrono Trigger, an RPG with an expansive storyline and interesting characters with a focus on time travel. While Square was developing the game, it was accompanied by Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragonball series, and Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii, who added their flair to the adventure.

I hope you found this trip down memory lane enjoyable, my friends. Head on over to the Google Play Store and start downloading! Or if you’re a super nerd and have some old ROMS lying around, check out the RetroArch Android app that combines many emulators into one app.


[Featured Image: gamerorlamer]


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