Don’t be fooled by the fake Motorola X Phone specs floating around

You might be seeing a lot of headlines around the web today along the lines of “Motorola X Phone specs leak out!” You also may have noticed that headline is nowhere to be found on IntoMobile. That’s because thanks to the nice work over at Droid-Life, the image and specs have been debunked.

The image with the label “Motorola NXT” rather than “X” surfaced on foreign Android news site AndroidWorld. It’s the first time the rumored X device from Motorola and Google has been referred to as “NXT.” That’s already worthy of suspicion, but then we get to the specs, which only add to the confusion.

According to this rumor, the X — or NXT, or whatever the hell it’s supposed to be — is supposed to have a 4.7-inch HD display, NVIDIA Tegra 4i chipset, 16MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. Since the 4i doesn’t support CDMA networks, unless Motorola’s X Phone was going to be an LTE-only phone (which is just short of impossible) then it would be ditching support for Verizon or Sprint in the U.S. by going with the 4i.

If that’s not enough, AndroidWorld¬†updated its article with a few sentences after finding out the tipster created the entire image you see above itself. It’s not officially from Motorola, not leaked, and therefore not legitimate. The website had already mentioned earlier in the post that it should be taken “with a very large grain of salt.”

Sorry X Phone enthusiasts, but you’ll have to keep waiting for now.

[via Droid-Life]

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