Google Glass Apps Make Appearance at SXSW

Everyone seems to be talking about Google Glass these days, and Google showed off some apps it has for the unit at SXSW today. Google showed off news app that has been built with the help of The New York Times, which displays news and information on Glass when prompted via voice by the user. Glass delivers a headline, accompanying image. Users can also tap the side of the Glass unit to read the story aloud. Also being tested are notification features, whereby stories will appear as they are published.

By utilizing Google’s Mirror API, third-party applications are able to communicate with Glass. Since the API is still in its infancy, the ways in which apps interact with Glass are limited, but nonetheless impressive. A Gmail app was also shown, with the email sender’s image and subject line displayed on Glass, and the ability to respond and dictate emails by voice. Other apps such as Skitch, Evernote and Path are also showing support for unit. Skitch will allow users to capture a picture via Glass then post it to Skitch. As the open API makes its rounds to developers, we are sure to see the feature set increase.

[Via: Engadget]

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