HTC no longer quietly brilliant, ready to fight Apple and Samsung

HTC global president of sales Jason Mackenzie sat down with Fierce Wireless Editor Phil Goldstein to talk about HTC’s position in the smartphone market. Mackenzie is on the sales side of HTC and much of the conversation focused on HTC’s brand and its marketing message.

An interesting point in the discussion is HTC’s admission that its quietly brilliant marketing campaign was not aggressive enough to compete against the high-profile marketing pushes of Apple and Samsung.

We’re changing the culture within HTC. Our culture has always embraced this “quietly brilliant” mentality, which meant the good things about being humble. But we’ve been too quiet. We’re embracing that we need to be a challenger. HTC is a company fighting against two of the biggest companies in the world, Apple and Samsung, who have a lot of resources. So we’re embracing that.

Mackenzie said HTC is ready to up the ante in its marketing and become a more aggressive competitor as it tries to win back market share. Mackenzie shares some of HTC’s upcoming strategy in the Fierce Wireless article. It is an interesting read for those who appreciate the sales side of the industry and HTC’s up and down position.

[Via Fierce Wireless]

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